Task force management

Companies could sometimes face critical situation and crisis that could lead to a loss of an important market, customer or business.

The need for a cross functional task force to solve the issue quickly is vital.

Your needs

During a crisis that could damage company reputation, The need for a quick and efficient support to get out of this situation is urgent.Critical issues could be: logistic crisis, quality issues, shortage of a critical resources to handle a difficult situation …

Our solution :

2OE consulting expert have an extensive experience and tools to support their customers during crunch time.
This could be by leading cross functional task force team or supporting in a very specific critical issue (quality, management of part of the business, leading a transition situation…)

Value proposition for our customer

During critical situation 2OE consulting could:

  • Lead a cross functional task force team to contain and solve difficult challenges
  • Due to a limited qualified resources in house within the time frame of a crisis, we can take in charge the management of a specific part of the organization (production, quality, logistic, process …)
  • Prepare a business continuity plan